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Waitlist FAQ

Waitlist FAQ

    How do I apply?
Online applications are accepted at, please choose Affordable Apartments at the right corner and select the bedroom size waiting list link at the middle of the page.

    When will I be called for a unit?  How long is the wait?
Applicants will be contacted when a unit becomes available and when their name reaches the top of the list.  We cannot provide a specific time frame, since the availability of units depends on unit turnover. 

    Where do I pick up an application?
Pre-applications will not be handed out.  All pre-applications are available online and must be submitted online during the period the wait list is open.

    What if I dont have a computer?
Please go to your local library for internet access or you can visit the management office during the times noted in our flyer.

    Is the waiting list first come, first served?
No, places are assigned by a random lottery.

    How much is rent?
The rent amount is based on your income. Rent and utilities are calculated to be about 30 percent of your income. The rental assistance is not transferable. 

    What are your Credit and/or Criminal Screening Requirements?
All members of the applicants household must pass credit and criminal background screenings to qualify for housing.  The specific guidelines for each property are detailed in its Tenant Selection Plan.

    How will I be notified?
If your household is randomly selected from the lottery, you will be notified in writing.  If you were not selected, no written notification will be received.

    Should I call to confirm receipt?
No, please do not call to confirm receipt.  Your printed application receipt will serve as your confirmation.  All pre-applications are processed online and included in the random lottery.  

    What if I dont hear anything?
If you do not receive written confirmation that you are on the waiting list, your household was not randomly selected in the lottery and you are not on the waitlist.

    How do I report a change in my Household or change of address/phone?
Changes in household size, address, or phone can be submitted in writing to the Management office. Your name will be removed from the Affordable Housing Waiting List if the Post Office returns the mail we have sent to you.

    Are pets allowed?
Every property has its own specific pet policy.  Please contact the property directly to find out about their policy.